The Best Fund Management Software for Investing

Some years ago, you need to spend hours in the back pages of the newspaper to track the performance of your stocks. These days, personal fund management software can help you do this much faster. If you are a budget-conscious investor, you can save time and money by using fund management software that will not only help you track the performance of your investments, but also help you get a holistic perspective of your financial status.


The CommonCents Software was praised by experts because of its combination of comprehensive coverage, ease of use and flexibility. This fund management software can help you manage and track asset accounts, including stock portfolios and your 401(k). On the personal performance finance management side, this fund management software offers in-depth spending analytics and budget creation based on the traditional envelope budgeting system.

Quicken Premier

Dubbed by experts as the best fund management software option on the market today, Quicken Premier comes with a robust investment section that will let you review how well your stocks are doing. It will also help with rebalancing your asset allocation, tracking your performance against model portfolios and even generating historical reports. Also, this software deals with daily money management issues, like paying your mortgage bills.

TurboTax Premier Online

Taxes are a huge part of your personal money management and the management of your investments. And when it comes to both areas of your portfolio, the fund management software of TurboTax is considered as one of the best. Noted for its investment-centered tax management features, this software can help you to automatically calculate all kinds of tax-related expenses and fees in relation to your stocks, bonds and mutual funds. is recognized one the best iPhone-specific money program. It works on Android devices as well. mint aggregates data from all major financial institutions so you can get a bird’s eye view of your finances. This includes all major forms of investments, including stock portfolios, 401(k)s and Roth IRAs. This fund management software will tie with your personal finance management, so you can track your spending and expenses and generate personalized budgets.