Popular Examples of Asset Manager Software

As an organization grows, it should be able to manage its assets, including equipment, furniture, hardware and software. Otherwise, if the organization does not know what it possesses, it can lose its money. Take for example an organization has a license with a software company that automatically renews every year. If the organization has not been using the software in the past year, it is losing money by renewing its license. Asset manager software will prevent this from happening.


This asset manager software keeps track of mobile and fixed assets, allowing the organization to know who is using what and how much it costs. WiseTrack supports radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies and personal digital assistant-based bar code scanners. RFID uses electronics tags in gathering and storing data. This asset manager software also comes with a lease management component with information about licenses and contracts, which lets employees know when they are about to expire.

ServiceDesk Plus

Designed to track the life cycle of assets, this asset manager software gives a correct inventory of the software and hardware assets of an organization. Its software metering feature keeps track of software used in every system. ServiceDesk Plus creates reports on software that is hardly being used so the manager can decide if it should be kept by the organization. It also immediately updates and detects assts with an internet protocol address within the network of the company. This asset manager software monitors lease information of assets and alerts the manager when they are getting ready to expire.

Asset Management Software

Aside from monitoring the assets of the organization, the Kaizen Asset Management Software also lets the asset or inventory manager know where the assets are and who is using them. The organization can use current bar codes or make its own to check software or equipment. Also, this asset manager software sets a date that the asset will be due. Asset Management Software also creates and prints reports to identify overdue assets. This asset manager software allows the organization to affix the owner’s manuals, pictures or notes to the service records.

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