Investment Management Solutions for Firms and Businesses

For firms and businesses, it is only normal for them to face accounting and financial reporting challenges from time to time. And there is a unique set of challenges that every organization faces. It is for this reason that there is no one solution for all of them. Fortunately, we are now seeing various investment management solutions that can be customized to cater to specific needs. These integrated general ledger and portfolio tracking software can get your office running smoothly. Here are some benefits that investment management solutions has to offer.

Calculate performance and benchmark your managers

Calculating ROI and tracking investment performance is a serious duty for the firm. As investors strive to smarter, they want their financial professionals to answer questions about investment performance, risk and benchmark comparisons. Investment management solutions can give all these answers and more directly from the detailed general ledger activity.

Investment management solutions allow you to compare your returns against more than 150 major indexes; analyze the risk level in your portfolio and calculate your IRR year over year; and produce reports on individual portfolios and managers or combine them for summary reports.

Prepare financial statements and consolidated reports

A firm or business should be able to assess net worth across numerous entities quickly and routinely, for both business entities and individuals alike. Whether your clients are a set of parents and their children, or a multi-generational family with interests across various investment vehicles, investment management solutions will consolidate and aggregate data from these investments into financial statements that accurately reflect the net worth.

Investment management solutions can product more than 150 reports to help you inform, manage and analyze. Aside from financial statements, tax schedules and portfolio holdings, investment management solutions can generate consolidated statements and reports that span multiple years, entities or generations to name but a few possibilities.