Great moments to come

Spring is on its way and every year this event fills me with enthusiasm and joy. And I actually also tend to get a little thoughtful. I am not sure why this is, but it is almost like a blanket is lifted from my mind, and my thoughts become more “free”. It also sparks a little bit of melancholy but only in a good sense. I just start feeling “more” or feeling more intensively. I absolutely love it. And the best part of spring is that it makes me dream. Dream about all the wonderful moments my future beholds, all the amazing memories I will create this spring and summer, and all the laughter and all the tears that will pass. I have some great things planned for this spring and summer. First of all I am graduating, then I am going to NYC to visit my brother, I am going to two great festivals and traveling to both Sardinia and Greenland. My good friend is moving to Greenland, so in August I will travel to Greenland to visit her and her boyfriend, who is also a very good friend of mine. Right at this moment I almost can’t contain the excitement that I am feeling about the time to come!