Facebook marketing – what to do?

In a world where social medias rule and effect more and more of our social behavior, it is hard not to find a company not using Facebook in their marketing. On Facebook there is a lot of opportunities when it comes to marketing. As a company you can make competitions, upload pictures, write comments or updates and all this by focusing on specific products, a campaign or some other good idea. There are so many different things for companies to do – it is no wonder there is a little confusion about it from time to time. Therefore the need for a kind of guide to the social platforms is also requested – and especially a Facebook guide, since that is a very popular forum. It is very interesting to find Facebook guides online, and I have found quite a few over time. The last one I read was about how social media and content marketing is a perfect match for each other – some say that you can’t have one without the other! It was very giving, and it is certainly not the last time I spend my time reading Facebook guides. I also read one about Facebook hashtags for business – also quite interesting and enlightening!


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