Client reporting solutions

How do you deal with your day-to-day client reporting concerning both private and institutional asset management?

Maybe you have a standard procedure that works ok, but maybe you are looking for a more seamless and up to date solution? Maybe you have thought about improving communication with your clients, and the best way to do this is in my opinion the client reporting software from SimCorp. SimCorp is the leading developer of software for asset management ranging from small to large-scale clients.

The software is considered to be “best in class” when it comes to client communications platforms. The software has also won multiple awards. The solution makes it possible for client services teams and relationship managers to enhance client servicing and improve the client experience, while at the same time reducing operational risk and reducing costs.

Even better, the software offers system-independent access and integrates seamlessly with any investment management platform. It makes it possible to extract data from any source making it a highly productive and consistent tool.

As time has passed, we have integrated more and more of the software from SimCorp, and it make processes such as client reporting as well as many other aspects of asset management much more feasible.