Can’t wait!

So have you ever heard about the word Geyser? Neither had I. Not before I made a friend from Iceland that is. I am studying in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark for this semester, and while I have been here, I have met several nationalities I would never had met, had I been back in the states. Well anyway, my newfound Icelandic friend has invited me for fall brake to go and see her family in Iceland. I am very excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity. And to go and experience some of the unique sight that Iceland has to offer. I have always loved to ride, and we are thus going horseback riding on Icelandic horses! I am so excited about that. And then we are going to go see a phenomenon called a Geyser, which only exists in Iceland and five other places in the world. A geyser is a certain type of hot spring, which occasionally spray towers of hot water up in the air. We are going to go see the famous Icelandic geyser called Geysir. This geyser is the oldest active geyser in the world and has given name to all the other geysers in the world. I can’t wait to go to Iceland!