Benefits from using SimCorp’s Investment Accounting Manager

As I’m quite new to online optimization and software solutions I consulted a buch of friends and colleagues before I bought Investment Accounting Manager from SimCorp. I needed some software that could help me get an overview of my invenstments, and most of the people I asked told me to invest in the software, that this post is about. I’m now using it for my own investment accounting, and I’m pleased to experience all of the benefits connected to the solution. I’ll try and pin out some of the benefits for you in this post.

First of all the single database structure improves my operational efficiency, because all data is gathered on one platform and put into a very simple and transparent system. The fact, that all of the everyday manual processes are more or less automated reduces costs and also reduces the risks of human error. Having small timeconsuming tasks automated saves you more time than you can imagine, and you can spend all that time on something else.

Besides that the back-dates transactions increases operational flexibility and allows you to make changes in transactions even after they have been booked.

Online you’ve got access to full documentation of pricing which enables you to customise your reports.

All in all, the Investment Accounting Manager has helped me getting a great overview and a better understanding of my investment accounting, and I would gladly recommend it to others.

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