Financial Assets Management


Financial assets can take several shapes and form. This can be sometimes considered to be a cash or cash equivalent. On a few occasions these are equity instruments or another entity. Financial assets unlike land and property do not necessarily have physical worth. With that in mind, companies and business owners try their best to … [Read more…]

There’s More Than Just Transaction Simplification with Collateral Management System

collateral management

Collateral transactions do not have to get more complex even with the introduction of legal agreements and the requirement of legal documents needed to complete derivative transactions. Even cross-product collateralization is improved with a running collateral management system to support your decisions on how to facilitate your collateral assets not only to mitigate risk but … [Read more…]

Understanding Investment Management


  Investment management refers to buying and selling of investments within a portfolio. This holds a major role in the life of business funds, stocks and assets of the company since it includes banking and budgeting duties, as well as taxes. It involves sophisticated trading techniques involving derivatives and alternative investments. More often, it refers to … [Read more…]

Regulatory Information Management Solutions


For pharmaceutical companies it is vital to be in control of regulatory affairs information. But factors like widespread locations, the rapidly rising amount of data and the need to be responsive to regulations are making it hard to meet the goal of the regulatory management system. It is also required for the regulatory affairs organization … [Read more…]