Portfolio Management versus Asset Management

As a Portfolio Manager you will make investment decisions with money that clients have placed under your control. The management in itself is about using the SWOT-model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in the choice of debt versus equity, domestic versus international and other elements and areas, having the purpose of maximize return at a given risk. When doing this, you work with a team of analysts and researchers and are ultimately responsible for establishing an investment strategy for your clients. Within this, you must select appropriate investments and allocate each of these properly for a fund- or asset-management vehicle.

Asset management is in many ways connected to portfolio management and therefore relevant for you to include in your everyday work. Asset management tools can help you within portfolio management as it can be the central analysis and decision support platform. In this way you reduce your operational risk and allow efficient and timely generation of strategies. Furthermore, it supports multiple investment processes – and can do this in only one platform.

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