Customer Relationsship management


Customer Relationship Management, also called CRM, is way of managing a company’s interactions with customers, current ones as well as future ones. The art of CRM is to use technology to organize and automate areas such as sales, marketing and customer service. When working with CRM, a company want to use it for attracting customers, convert them towards becoming customers and, most important of all, retain those so that they stay being life-long customers.

CRM can be used within many different industries and areas of business. For example can CRM be used in the industry of financial services. Here, you can use CRM to track and manage client interactions, as you can keep a record of communications with clients. In order to do this though, you will need a developed system to handle this.
Using a system for handling CRM, you can also achieve portfolio overview of your clients as you, once you have entered the relevant information about a client, have all the information automatically copied to other parts of the system.


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