Portfolio Management versus Asset Management

asset management

As a Portfolio Manager you will make investment decisions with money that clients have placed under your control. The management in itself is about using the SWOT-model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) in the choice of debt versus equity, domestic versus international and other elements and areas, having the purpose of maximize return at a … [Read more…]

Customer Relationsship management

CRM for financial services

  Customer Relationship Management, also called CRM, is way of managing a company’s interactions with customers, current ones as well as future ones. The art of CRM is to use technology to organize and automate areas such as sales, marketing and customer service. When working with CRM, a company want to use it for attracting … [Read more…]

Does your company need pension fund?

pension fund management software

It is really important that you make sure to get a good system to take care of your company’s pension. Important as it is, it can still be difficult to find where to turn to when finding the right offer for your company. A great advice within this aspect, is always to take a look … [Read more…]

Facebook marketing – what to do?


In a world where social medias rule and effect more and more of our social behavior, it is hard not to find a company not using Facebook in their marketing. On Facebook there is a lot of opportunities when it comes to marketing. As a company you can make competitions, upload pictures, write comments or … [Read more…]