Client reporting solutions


How do you deal with your day-to-day client reporting concerning both private and institutional asset management? Maybe you have a standard procedure that works ok, but maybe you are looking for a more seamless and up to date solution? Maybe you have thought about improving communication with your clients, and the best way to do … [Read more…]

Great moments to come


Spring is on its way and every year this event fills me with enthusiasm and joy. And I actually also tend to get a little thoughtful. I am not sure why this is, but it is almost like a blanket is lifted from my mind, and my thoughts become more “free”. It also sparks a … [Read more…]

Portfolio Management Solution

In an ideal investment climate, where relations and connectivity are important, investment companies need to set up environment where stakeholders and clients can communicate with them fast, and likewise vice versa, from the investment organization to the clients.. With this set up, subsequent investment decisions can be communicated quickly. This is where a Portfolio Management … [Read more…]

Investment Portfolio Management Software

Companies take risks at every opportunity that comes through their journey. Those who plan on taking such risk are usually rewarded as it helps their business grow and prosper. Of course, not everyone who takes such risks are compensated making it an intimidating and daunting task to try out such new endeavors. It would be … [Read more…]

How to Choose Investment Management Software

It is very easy to be convinced about the need for an investment management software program. Once you are already aware of what it could do for your portfolio investment business, there would no reason for you to decide against its use. In fact, it is very probable that you would already start looking for … [Read more…]

Financial Assets Management


Financial assets can take several shapes and form. This can be sometimes considered to be a cash or cash equivalent. On a few occasions these are equity instruments or another entity. Financial assets unlike land and property do not necessarily have physical worth. With that in mind, companies and business owners try their best to … [Read more…]

Can’t wait!


So have you ever heard about the word Geyser? Neither had I. Not before I made a friend from Iceland that is. I am studying in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark for this semester, and while I have been here, I have met several nationalities I would never had met, had I been back in … [Read more…]

Investment Accounting Software

pension fund management software

The investment process plays a very integral part in any type of business. This is where companies and business owners take the necessary risks through an asset or good that can help further develop and expand their business. Companies are advised to spread their investments out and every window of opportunity should be grasped as … [Read more…]

Enhancing Derivative Processing As the Key To Financial Growth

derivatives processing

Your business does not deserve to be on the sloppy edge in the financial market just because you could not properly manage your derivative trading and secure an advantageous position in all of your trade contracts. Perhaps you are now thinking of pulling out from the derivative market scene and focus your asset investment strategies … [Read more…]