The Basics of the Pension Fund Management System

pension fund management

The right way for accountants, auditors and actuaries to quantify the assets and the liabilities of pension fund management systems has been a matter of great controversy for a long time. Before 1985, companies in the United States had wide latitude in recognizing expenses and setting the assumptions that should guide pension fund management systems. … [Read more…]

Techniques Used in Investment Management Software

investment management

Investment management software techniques fall into 2 major camps: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis looks at the price of the security and its pricing trends over time. This analysis will allow the investor to monitor the mood of the market surrounding the security. The trends can reveal that a security trades at an … [Read more…]

What You Need to Know about Asset Management System

asset management systems

An asset management system is a financial and business process that analyzes the value of certain assets. It also helps determine financial health, investment opportunities and growth potential for various investments. It gives a clearer idea of what an individual or company has and potentially give an idea on how to work on it for … [Read more…]